International Detective Agency

Always Searching For The Truth!

Surveillance, background checks, missing persons, workers compensation.

At International Detective Agency, we are professionals who can actually help anybody who needs to find out the facts regarding an individual, a group, an entity or a particular situation, ideally before they are aggrieved! We use modern technology and draw upon years of formal training, education and hands-on experience to provide you with the following services:

-  Pre-employment checks

 - Infidelity  investigations                                                                       

- Child custody cases       

- Workers compensation investigations

- Domestic investigations         

- Criminal history reports                                                

- Insurance claim services                                               

- Corporate intelligence gathering services                                      

- Comprehensive background services

- International investigation services

- Government and law enforcement services

- Social media investigation services

- Assets searches

Please, sent us an email and we can meet or have a private conversation in regard to your needs.